Business private charters

As the MENA region’s premiere corporate private charter service, PrivaSky is proud to be recognized for its first class international standards for VIP business travel charters. Our corporate-focused boutique service is unique in offering tailored attention to the specific needs of elite business executives. 

PrivaSky enables clients to fly with its efficient, on-demand capabilities that guarantee ultimate, personalized traveling comfort. Every flight is tailored to ensure seamless travel with maximum efficiency and value.

Unique in its approach, PrivaSky is owned and managed by Nael Chehab, aerospace engineer, who has over 15 years of experience in the private charter aviation business. Nael established his corporate-focused service with a commitment to offering the most professional and cost effective business jet solution based globally. His previous experience as a private jet operator gives Nael the competitive edge of knowing the business inside and out – a privilege reflected in the service excellence enjoyed by his clients.

Mr. Nael Chehab, founder of PrivaSky

Mr. Nael Chehab, founder of PrivaSky

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